About Us

It all started in 2012, TheImprint Singapore was founded by 3 Polytechnic students as part of their
school project. We started with this naive idea of bringing in mobile phone accessories and
innovative products to the mass market in Singapore. This naive idea soon transformed into
producing unique gifts catering to customers in Singapore who are looking for gift ideas for their
friends and loved ones.

At TheImprint Singapore, we believe that gifts should be something special and meaningful. A gift is
not only limited as a gift for others. Why can't we get a gift for ourselves? That is why we recently
launched a series of design products that best expresses you as an individual!

At our gift shop, each individual item is professionally printed with high-quality sublimation ink and
equipment to constantly produce a high definition and consistent print. We adopt a made-to-order
policy to ensure that your product is not kept on our shelves for months.

To cater to the higher demand for corporate gift printing, we added a whole range of specialised gifts
printing services. TheImprint Singapore is proud to announce that we are now ready to be your one
and only gift shop for all gift ideas in Singapore. Our printing services now include a wider range of
products, perfect for birthdays, farewells and more!

At TheImprint, we value the importance of ensuring a high level of product quality, premium
customer service and a smile from you and your loved ones.