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Design Your Own Phone Case

Customised Phone Case Singapore

 Customised Phone Cases Design Information

Phone Model Print Size Recommended Design Size
iPhone 6/6S 710 px by 1550 px 1420 px by 3100 px
iPhone 6/6S Plus 815 px by 1762 px 1630 px by 3524 px
iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 750 px by 1594 px 1500 px by 3188 px
iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus 874 px by 1831 px 1748 px by 3662 px
iPhone X / XS 756 px by 1618 px 1512 px by 3236 px
iPhone XS Max 827 px by 1795 px 1654 px by 3590 px
iPhone XR 815 px by 1701 px 1630 px by 3402px
Samsung S8 738 px by 1683 px 1476 px by 3366 px
Samsung S8 Plus
785 px by 1819 px
1570 px by 3638 px
Samsung S9 720 px by 1659 px 1440 px by 3318 px
Samsung S9 Plus 791 px by 1795 px 1582 px by 3590 px
Samsung Note 9 821 px by 1843 px 1642 px by 3686 px

 * Above dimensions are in pixel.

How do I go about designing the phone case?

Step 1: Choosing a software/platform to design

For those that are familiar with Adobe software, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your artwork.

Alternatively, you can use www.canva.com to create your artwork. (Do it with your computer) It's free and easy to use! 

Step 2: Create a new design

Photoshop or Illustrator

- Create a new file with the respective design size recommended above. 

- Start designing! 


- At the top right of the page, click on "Use Custom Dimension" and create a new design with the respective design size recommended above. 

- Start designing! You can choose from their wide range of layouts and fonts to create collage and design.

Step 3: Export and send to us! 

- Export your design in either jpg, jpeg, png, psd or ai format. 

- Send us your design and information via the form below or email us at theimprintsg@gmail.com 

- We will provide you with a preview for your approval before printing it!

*You can make the purchase before or after the confirmation of the preview.